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Age 25
Gender Male
Species Human
Stage TBD
Availability TBD

Ace is a Fighter in Burst Champions.




Type Name Description
Combo Golden Boots Ace kicks the opponent.
Dash Physical Grab the Cash and Run Ace runs at high speed with a trail of dollars following him. He cannot be stopped until he is done running.
Air Phys. Incredibly Expensive Jetpack Ace puts on a jetpack that burns foes when they touch the rockets. This attack's direction can be controlled.
Duck Phys. Bill Payment Ace plants a piggy bank on the ground. After a while, the piggy bank will glow and the first person to touch it will have an increase in their Burst Meter. Anyone can grab the piggy bank. Not an attack.
Base Special Card Throw Throws a card horizontally.
Direction Spec. Cash Grabber Throws a money bag in a certain direction that pulls foes into it.
Air Spec. Roulette Flings a spinning roulette wheel in the air. Once the wheel hits the ground, all opponents are bounced into the air and take damage. This attack needs to charge before it can be used again.
Duck Spec. Coin Flip Flips his whole body into the air. If he lands on his feet all opponents take damage, if he lands on his back he takes damge.
A+B Trump Card

Slashes with a large playing card.

If it makes no contact, it scatters chips.

If it hits, it becomes a quick combo.

Grab Bait n' Switch Latches on to the opponent using a quarter attatched to a string.
Hit Yo-Yo Dawg Uses the quarter like a yo-yo to hit the foe into the ground.
Throw Catch and Release Flings the opponent using the quarter.
Heavy Fall Golden Bronze Knuckles Slams his fist nto the ground creating a shockwave, it takes a while for him to pull his hand out.
Jump Move Dice-o-copter Swings two dice attatched to strings over his head to stay in the air. Not an attack.
Burst Attack


  • Ace was designed by Apihedron.