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Age 21
Gender Female
Species Cyborg
Stage TBD
Availability Starter

"Target sighted... target down."

Bullette is a Fighter in Burst Champions.


Bullette is thin, caucasian female of average height with blue eyes and sandy blonde hair. She wears slightly bulky armor; this gear is dark blue, with green, luminescent, linear accents. Her helmet has similar accents, as well as an antenna on the left side and a green visor, out the back of her helmet is her ponytail, which comes through a small hole. Along with this gear, Bullette wears jet boots, fingerless gloves and a belt, which holds a combat knife and a few grenades. On her back rests her futuristic Power Rifle.

While some may see her youth as a sign of inexperience, Bullette is very experienced in combat. Bullette is calm and collected, and uses her knowledge to analyze the battle before striking precisely.


Bullette fights for a military force: not much else is known at this time.

Role is Story Mode

Attributes and Moveset

Bullette uses a combination of close range attacks with her boots, fists and combat knife as well as ranged attacks with her artillery. While not slow, Bullette sacrifices speed for power, and is relitively heavy, making air combat and evading foes a weakness of hers; however, her versatile ranged attacks allow her to keep foes away.

Bullette's Special moves are strong and versatile; therefore, to balance this, her ammunition can run out. This forces her to use the move "Reload", which restores her special moves' ammunition by a certain amount; this depends on how long the move is held out. Her Ammo Meter starts at 75%.

Type Name Description Ammo Cost
Standard Attack Close Combat Two jabs followed by a knee strike. 0%
High Atk. Crescent Kick An upward, arcing kick. 0%
Low Atk. Low Jab Jabs at the opponents legs with her knife. 0%
Dash Atk. Jet Spin Dashes forward with her jet boots and whirls. 0%
Neutral Aerial Gun Flip Flips in place, holding out her gun. 0%
Side Air Air Kick Bullette kicks slightly forward. 0%
Up Air Razor Swipe An overhead swipe with her combat knife. 0%
Down Air Low Blast A short range downward blast. 0%
Neutral Special Sniper Beam A shot that can be aimed and charged up for greater power. -?% (no charge)
-?% (full charge)
Side Spec. Grenade Tosses a grenade which explodes after a set time. By holdng the button, Bullette can cook the grenade. -?%
Up Spec. Barrage Barrier -?%
Down Spec. Recon Mine A landmine is placed onto the ground. It explodes either when it is stepped on or if it is out for a full minute. This move will fail in midair. -?%
Detonate If there is already a mine out, it will be detonated. 0%
Skill Reload Reloads Bullette's ammunition while buttons are held. Can be used at any time. +X%
Grab Bayonet Chain Sends out her bayonet, latching onto foes and pulling them in. 0%
Pummel Knee Bullette knees the opponent. 0%
Burst guided missile launcher Reset
Taunt Transmission Bullette uses her earphone to contact home base. If used on her home stage, this will activate a short chat about an opponent. N/A