Cat Jones
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Age 85
Gender Male
Species Feline Drawing
Stage TBD
Availability Starter


Cat Jones is a Fighter in Burst Champions.


Cat Jones is a cartoon tabby cat that is completely monochrome. He has light fur with dark stripes on his back, arms, legs, tails and parts of his head. He has wide, dark eyes and often times a zany, happy or mischievous expression. He wears a top hat, buttoned pants with suspenders, shoes and gloves. Due to his animated nature, he has exaggerated features, and is often associated with classic cartoon or slapstick items, such as cream pies and mallets; he can also be seen with his cane.


In Cat Jones' animated world, he was on top of the word. He was a huge star in silent cinema, renowned for his comedic expressions. However, when talking films rose in popularity, Cat, who had no voice, lost his fame; he hit rock bottom. Cat was no more than a passing fad. But suddenly, when it all seemed over, something strange began to happen. His world was being attacked by dark creatures, otherworldly beings began to appear. This made Cat realize that, if he didn't do something, his world would come to an end... and so would his legacy. Taking up the opportunity, Cat Jones rushes to solve the mystery of  the dark creatures,  and his fame would be restored, this time as a hero.

Attributes and Moveset

Cat Jones is generally a speed based character. With light weight and a below-average height, Cat has fantastic mobility and can slip through enemy attacks with proper timing, much like any cat. However, an offset of this is his low physical range and weaker than average damage output. As a result, Cat Jones is best and keeping his distance when necessary, but saving many of his attacks for when he can rush in and execute a combo.

However, Cat Jones still has many unpredictable tools to help him trip up his foes and create an opening. Within his Specials and Skill lies more than one option for executing or using the move, which can be used to catch your opponent off guard. Mastering Cat's playstyle means learning to keep opponents guessing; never let anyone figure out your next move.

All in all, Cat Jones captures the essence of a zany and nimble cartoon character.

Type Name Description
Standard Attack Cat Claw A series of scratches.
Dash Atk. Cat trips and rolls in a dust cloud.
High Atk. Cat slightly hops and "claps" above his head.
Low Att. Paw Swipe Swipes at an opponent's legs.
Neutral Aerial
Side Air
Down Air
Up Air
Neutral Special Spray Bottle Cat sprays water from a bottle.This attack can be performed by holding the button, but repeatedly tapping it increases the water's power and range.
Side Spec. Cream Pie Cat Jones throws a cream pie. While it doesn't do to much damage, it is useful for interrupting attacks ir approaches from your opponent. The strength of your buton press determines the range.
Up Spec. Hi-Jump A quick jump; it does no damage, but is quicker than regular jumps, which is good for leading into combos. The move has two heights: simply tilting up and pressing the button has a jump about the same height as a regular jump, while strongly tapping up leads to a much higher jump.
Down Spec. Pounce Cat Jones lunges forward; if he hits an opponent, he will slash at them with his claws and bounce back. If the button is pressed during the lunge, Cat will slash prematurely.
Grab Claw Latch Slightly harder to escape than most grabs.
Pummel Frying Pan Smacks the opponent with a pan.
Skill Anvil Cat pulls out an anvil and drops it. Very strong, with the ability to dizzy the opponent, but slow. By holding the button, Cat will hold the anvil out to time his drop. If used in the air, if Cat holds the anvil rather than dropping it, it becomes a ground pound attack.
Burst Toon Horde Cat Jones pulls out a large, realistic pencil and jumps offstage; then, tons of black-and-white cartoon characters stampede across the stage.
Taunt N/A


  • Cat Jones's age is a reference to Steamboat Willie, which, at the time of Cat's conception, was 85 years old.
  • When Cat Jones is dizzy, he has a different animation than other players. While most players have standard spinning stars above their head, Cat has more cartoonis chriping birds circling his head.
  • Cat Jones is named after animator Chuck Jones.
  • Cat Jones was designed by Apihedron.