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Age 7
Gender Male
Species Poison Dart Frog
Stage TBD
Availability TBD

Durango is a Fighter in Burst Champions.


Durango is a skinny poison dart frog with dark purple skin with black dots. He was a long tongue and black eyes. He has for fingers on each hand and four toes on each foot. He wears a pair of green shorts that match the green darts he throws.



Durango walks on all fours. He moves relatively slow, has average attack and defense, but is also very light and has the highest jump by far. Durango's special attacks are very weak, but can inflict poison (damage over time). However, by using his specials too often, Durango will run out of poison which needs to be recharged. However, he can still perform his special moves just without the poisonous effect.

Type Name Description
Combo Tongue Whip A slap from Durango's tongue.
Dash Physical Froggy Kick Kicks while running, if it hits Durango will flip backwards.
Air Phys. Slap Slaps the opponent with his hand.
Duck Phys. Headbutt A very low horizontal attack with poor range but great attack power.
Base Special Dart A small dart that moves very fast.
Direction Spec. Dart Wave Five darts lined up in a "V" shape, moves slower than one dart.
Air Spec. Dart Barrage Throws a line of 3 darts towards the ground.
Duck Spec. Dart Parabola Throws a single dart in an arc.
A+B Restock Toxins Reloads Durango's poison supply for his darts.
Grab Tongue Sends out his tongue, latching onto foes and pulling them in.
Hit Tongue Strangle Squeezes the opponent with his tongue.
Throw Tongue Launch The foe is sent flying vertically once released from Durango's tongue.
Heavy Fall Meteor Hop Durango concentrates all of his body weigh to crush the opponent.
Jump Move Spiraling Spring A propelling leap that causes Durango to spin.
Burst Attack Toxic Trap Durango scatters poison all over the field. Standing in the poison will inflict repeated damage.


  • Durango was conceptualized by Cylenk.