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Age 18
Gender Female
Species Alien
Stage Spacial Spectacle
Availability Starter


- Eden

Eden is a Fighter in Burst Champions.


Eden is noted by many of the other Burst Champions to be a cute teenage girl. She is slender in physique and has medium-length pink hair with two small yellow horns poking out. Her outfit consists of a black skintight suit that covers all of her body except her head and hand regions, with her chest and lower abdominal area covered by a white metal exoskeleton with pink accents. She also wears white metal boots with accents that are very dimilar to the rest of her suit.


Eden is an alien girl that travels to many different planets for fun. She has no memory where she came from, but all she wants is to have fun with all these other worlds. She would do anything to help anyone in need, even if she gains no reward.

Attributes and Moveset

Type Name Description
Combo Eden Style Eden throws 3 punches, the third one takes a while to land and is covered in energy to deal more damage.
Dash Physical Starlight Kick Eden jumps in the air and kicks without losing momentum.
Up Phys. Upperpunch Eden uppercuts her fist into the air, she also leaps slightly off the ground.
Base Air Phys. Star Spin Eden outstretches her arms and legs and does a short cartwheel in the air.
Side Air Phys. Eden outstretches her leg while in the air.
Down Air Phys. Crash Landing Eden slams her entire body into the ground, if she falls long enough she'll get covered in flames that linger on the stage for a short time after she falls.
Up Air Phys.
Duck Phys. Rollover Eden rolls into a ball and sommersaults.
Base Special Energy Laser Eden charges up a long laser and fires it. Can be held on to once fully charged.
Side Spec. Mirror of the Moons Eden pulls out a mirror used to reflect projectiles. If held down she will eventually throw the mirror.
Up Spec. Rocket Jump Eden launches upward with flames shooting out of her feet the first few frames.
Down Spec. Thruster Eden propels herself upward by firing an energy beam at the ground.
Skill Black Hole Eden plants a small black hole on the stage. The black holes only last a few seconds but they can absorb projectiles and trap other players.
Burst Attack Comet Call A slew of comets fall everywhere.
Taunt Happy Eden Eden claps and smiles.


Default: Pink hair, light skin, pink eyes, black suit, white armor

Blue: Black hair, light blue skin, green eyes, black suit, grey armor

Green: Blue hair, light green skin, brown eyes, white suit, black armor

Black: White hair, pure black skin, red eyes, red suit, white armor

Pajamas: Same as default except Eden wears her pajamas (white cropped top and pink sweatpants)



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