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Age 25
Gender Female
Species Human
Stage TBD
Availability Unlockable



Erja is a Fighter in Burst Champions.


Erja is a belly dancer. She has dark skin and black hair with a large ponytail in the back. She hides her dagger in her ponytail. Her outfit is a black belly dancer outfit with black wristbands to match. Her source of power comes from the cursed Omega Gem, which she wears as a decorative belly ring.


Erja used to be a normal girl growing up; However, that all changed when she went on an expedition with her dad to search for the sought after Omega Gem. When Erja touched the Omega Gem, it changed her entire personality and gave her dark powers. Today, she's a belly dancer that seducts men only to curse them, spreading the effects of the Omega Gem. Erja's only weakness is the fabled Alpha Gem, and she gets involved with the other Burst Champions to search for it so it can be destroyed.


Type Name Description
Dash Physical
Up Phys.
Base Air Phys.
Side Air Phys.
Down Air Phys.
Up Air Phys.
Duck Phys.
Base Special Fireball
Side Spec.
Up Spec.
Down Spec.
Burst Attack Omega Surge
Taunt Erja tries to seduce the opponent with a dance and laughs.
Type Name Description
Combo 1, 2, Slash Erja punches, kicks, then pulls out her dagger to slash the foe.
Dash Physical Dash-Dance Erja dash-dances across the stage, hitting everyone in her way, striking a random pose at the end that deals damage.
Up Phys. Skyward Dagger Erja points her dagger skyward.
Base Air Phys. Dagger Swing Erja swings her dagger downward in a crescent motion.
Side Air Phys. Dagger Toss
Down Air Phys.
Up Air Phys. Backflip Erja backflips. If she can land on an opponent, she can keep backflipping until there are no more people left to jump on.
Duck Phys. Twirl Deals a little bit of damage and reflects projectiles and players.
Base Special Shadow Bolt Erja fires a dark electric orb from her hand in a straight horizontal line.
Side Spec.
Up Spec. Tele Erja teleports by dancing.
Down Spec. Dark Dance Erja dances, firing a dark cloud at the foe that slowly drains their HP.
Skill Dance Erja dances, and a small dark aura surrounds her. Anyone caught in the aura has their HP stolen.
Grab Omega Grasp A dark hand springs out of the Omega Gem and holds on to the foe.
Hit Omega Crush The hand crushes the foe.
Burst Attack Omega Surge A field of energy surrounds Erja and deals damage to all in this field. This Burst Attack can be pulled off as long as the Burst Meter is at 25% or above. The more the meter is filled, the higher damage is dealt, but the field radius gets smaller, and vice-versa.
Taunt Odd Dance Erja tries to seduce the opponent with a dance and laughs.


Default: Black hair, tan skin, black outfit, red gem, green dagger

Red: Purple hair, light tan skin, red outfit, yellow gem, black dagger

Blue: Black hair, tan skin, light blue outfit, blue gem, brown dagger

White: Blonde hair, white skin, white outfit, green gem, gold dagger