Hikage & Yozora
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Age 14 (Hikage)

Immortal (Yozora)

Gender Female (Hikage)

Male (Yozora)

Species Human (Hikage)

Yōkai (Yozora)

Stage TBD
Availability Starter

Hikage & Yozora are Fighters in Burst Champions.


Hikage is an upbeat, energetic kunoichi in training. Her small stature allows her to be quick and nimble, altough a little weak, while her dark hair and clothing allow her to hide in the shadows.  She uses a variety of weapons, such as shuriken and kunai, as well as melee attacks.

Yozora is her three-tailed spirit wolf companion. While Yozora is a larger target, he is stronger. His attack are mostly melee based with some ghostly tricks. To move quickly, Hikage may ride on his back.

Hikage & Yozora fight in tandem.


Orphaned in an attack by another clan, Hikage Tanaka would not have survived if a strange supernatural force had not intervened. This was Yozora a gaurdian spirit in the shape of a wolf. After he rescued Hikage, they became instant companions. They began to wander from village to village, training in ninja arts and helping others to make a living. Now, five years later, Hikage and Yozora are encountering a strange new task...


Type Name Description
Standard Attack TBD katana slices
TBD bite
Dash Atk. TBD
High Atk. TBD
Low Atk. TBD
Neutral Aerial TBD
Side Air TBD
Up Air TBD
Down Air TBD
Neutral Special Kunai Barrage Hikage tosses three kunai, which fan out in a semi-random pattern; these kunai can be thrown rapidly, but do not flinch opponents.
Side Spec. Shuriken Hikage throws a shuriken, which deal decent damage and flinches foes.
Up Spec. Flying Somersault Technique Yozora flips Hikage into the air, spinning while holding out her sword; Hikage is invulnerable and deals constant damage while in midair, and Yozora scrambles on the ground, pushing foes and trying to catch Hikage. If Yozora is hit, he will flinch, and if Hikage doesn't land on him, she will lay vulnerable while Yozora rushes to her side.
Duck Spec. Crossroad Slash
Skill Smoke Bomb Hikage & Yozora disappear (though their shadow is still visible) temporarily, becoming intangible. While invisible, they can move around, and, when the buttons are released (or after a short time), Hikage & Yozora reappear in a damaging burst of smoke.
Burst Shadow Split
Taunt N/A Hikage pets Yozora.


  • Hikage & Yozora were the first characters designed.
  • Hikage & Yozora were designed by Apihedron.