The Guardian of Dreams
Age 19
Gender Male
Species Dream Entity
Stage Dream Island
Availability Starter

"Haha, ass..."

- Hil

Hil is a Fighter in Burst Champions.


Hil is a jerkish and somewhat insane young adult. His gameplay style is unique because he controls in a slightly awakward manner. He never touches the gorund unless he is knocked back from an attack. He also has only one jump, and by holding jump down he will float for as long as the player wants him to. His pose while floating (either by "walking" across the ground or floating in mid-air) resembles him sitting down, so his physical attacks rely on his feet. His specials mainly use his psychic powers while his physical attacks rely mainly on his ability to float.


Hil is a dream entity that lives inside all of people's dreams. Being a member of the dream world, he has the ability to travel between dreams and use psychic abilities. He is quite cocky (can be considered a complete jerk at times), and somewhat insane. Hil is either completely chill or overdrive hyperactive depending on his mood and situation. He also has quite a fascination with women, trying to always date them in their dreams.

Attributes and Moveset

Type Name Description
Combo Floating Fury Hil spins around in an irregular and eradic motion, hitting enemies with all limbs.
Dash Physical Perfect Pivot Hil does a 180 degree turn which ends him up facing the other direction.
Up Phys. Loop Hil does a 360 degree vertical spin.
Base Air Phys. Mind Blast Hil snaps his fingers, releasing a shock of mind energy completely surrounding him.
Side Air Phys. Extends Method Hil extends his legs outward.
Down Air Phys. Spin Slam Hil spins and kicks downward.
Up Air Phys. Vetical V-Clap Hil clasps his legs upward. He also propells slightly upward.
Duck Phys. Pancake When ducking, Hil lays flat on his stomach, ut floats a tiny distance off the ground. This attack has his body spin around.
Base Special Catch Hil uses his psychic abilities to catch projectiles and hold them in front of him. The caught projectile can be thrown again or keep being held to use it as a shield. However, Hil cannot use any special moves while still holding a projectile.
Side Spec. Shift Lash Hil fires a long spinning projectile of psychic energy. While it moves, Hil can either let it exit the stage or press the button again to have to projectile explode.
Up Spec. Sleepy Eyes Hil surrounds himself in a ring of light for a split second that pushes opponents away and reflects projectiles.
Down Spec. Sandman's Gift Hil throws a short ranged purple cloud of dust that puts enemies to slep.
Skill Nap Time Hil falls asleep. While asleep he slowly regains HP.
Grab Mind Latch Hil grabs an enemy with his mind. Not only can Hil grab enemies nearby like everyone else, he can also grab them from a distance away.
Hit Mind Spasm Hil slaps his head really hard, dealing damage to the enemy in his grasp.
Burst Attack Dream Terrain All enemy players are slowed, have HP gradually decresing, and reversed control input. Hil himself (including enemy Hil) gets increased boosts in all stats and attack hitboxes are twice as big.
Taunt N/A


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