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Age 16
Gender Female
Species Slime
Stage TBD
Availability Starter

Lime is a Fighter in Burst Champions.


Lime has a humanoid appearance but is made out of amorphous light green slime. Because of this, she lacks a nose but sill retains a mouth, two eyes, and "hair". Lime wears old clothes that consist of a grey tank top that is short and reveals the Genetan Core in the center of her stomach. She wears matching grey shorts and has very long legs, making her quite tall, and has an odd bracelett that looks beaten and worn attached to her right wrist. Lime has multiple powers unique to her. She can stretch her body, melt, and even absorb her enemies into her body and gain their energy. Lime can also throw her slime off of her body as a projectile and call it back to her later.

Lime's most unique attribute is her Burst Attack. Lime has a bulbous orb potruding from her stomach that can react depending how much the Burst Meter has been filled. This orb is the source of her power known as the Genetan Core. When the Burst Meter is filled up to a certain percent, she can unleash an attack depending on what percentage the Burst Meter is at.


Lime was created in a laboratory to become her world's first genetically created being. During Lime's life in the laboratory she learned about the world outside the lab's walls. She grew more and more curious about how the outside world was like. In quite the sucessful escape plan, Lime left the lab to never return. Lime would now live a life as a wanderer. She also likes to cause trouble by stealing from people, mostly food, clothes, and jewelery.

Lime has a very mischevous personality. She likes to cause trouble whenever she can at any time and decieve others. Lime's only weakness is her lust for cute boys. She likes to harass and stalk any boy she finds attractive, which causes most of them to run away.


Type Name Description
Standard Attack Slap-Clap
Dash Att. Dive
Up Att. Rising Smack
Duck Att. Upward Thrust
Neutral Aerial Twirl
Side Air
Up Air
Down Air
Neutral Special Slime Spray
Side Spec.
Up Spec. Capillary Action
Down Spec.
Grab Long Arm
Taunt N/A
Type Name Description
Combo Slap-Clap Lime slaps in a combo, and ends in an claps, with her handsgrowing larger and human-like..
Dash Physical Dolphin Dive Lime jumps into the air and dives into the ground as a puddle.
Air Phys. Slime Strike Lime's arm forms the shape of a hammer and spikes opponents.
Duck Phys. Upward Thrust A large gooey fist punches straight up from Lime's puddle.
Base Special Slime Spray Slime is squirted from Lime's arm. The slime can leave puddles.
Direction Spec. Slime Burrow Lime turns into a puddle and then skids across the ground. Then she leaps into the air from her puddle. The length of this attack depends on how long the  button is held.
Air Spec. Clap A clap that can spew small slime projectiles that deal small damage.
Duck Spec. Puddle Split Lime's puddle seperates in two and then re-combines.
A+B Slime Vacuum A gust of wind surrounds Lime and pulls foes toward her, making it easier for her to grab and absorb them.
Grab Long Arm A long-distance grab.
Hit Absorbtion Lime sucks the opponent into her slimy body and steals health. Can only be done once per grab.
Throw Cannon Lime shapes into a cannon and fires the foe out of her body.
Heavy Fall Congeal Lime solidifies and slams into the ground.
Jump Move Capillary Action Lime flows like an upwards waterfall. Direction can slightly be changed.
Burst Attack Genetan Leak Depending on how much the Burst Meter is filled, this attack has different properties. This attack ranges from the meter being 25% full with an incredibly powerful attack but with a small radius. At 100% the attack has unbelievable range but little attack power. This attack takes a second to start up first.




  • Lime was concieved by Cylenk, however she went through many forms and changes before her final design.