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Age 18
Gender Female
Species Human
Stage TBD
Availability Starter

"You know I could just squeeze your head until it pops off, so don't bug me."

- Olivia

Olivia is a Fighter in Burst Champions.


Olivia is a teenaged fighter girl who wants nothing but to fight the greatest foes in the multiverse. She's the strongest person on Earth. Olivia is known for being fast, and also having the highest attack power in the game. However, she's also one of the lightest characters and can be easily knocked around.


Olivia's parents abandoned her when she was born, so Olivia was taken in by her aunt. Her aunt taught Olivia how to defend herself, and eventually Olivia trained every day to make her the strongest person on the planet. She can easily break anything from diamonds to even an entire mountain using only her fists. Olivia's strength comes with a few costs, since Olivia has to eat at least enough to feed 5 people to keep up with her power and she has to sleep all the time. She challenges the Burst Champions because they're the only ones that can match her in strength.

Attributes and Moveset

Type Name Description
Standard Attack Infinite Jab Olivia throws a bunch of fast punches. This combo will keep going forever until the player stops pressing the button.
Dash Atk.
High Atk.
Low Atk.
Neutral Aerial
Side Air
Down Air
Up Air
Neutral Special Danganken Olivia fires an energy blast.
EX Danganken
Side Spec. Whirling Rekka
EX Whirling Rekka
Up Spec. Launcher Uppercut Olivia launches high in the air quickly. She can strike opponents to bring them up with her, but it cannot be used in air.
EX Launcher Uppercut
Down Spec. Colossal Kick When used on the ground, Olivia will do a quick kick to the ground that will stun nearby enemies and deal a little bit of damage. When used in the air, Olivia will spin, then kick the ground dealing tons of damage, but no stun.
Skill Strong Atk/Air
EX Trigger
Burst Fighting Spirit Olivia channels her Energy, boosting all of her stats as well as granting her the ability to cancel her Normals into other moves for greater combo potential. This form can be toggled as long as there is Energy in her Energy Meter.
Taunt N/A Olivia stretches her leg behind her back, then stretches her arm behind her head, and finally cracks her knuckles.


Default: Brown hair, brown skin, white shirt, grey shorts, white bandages

Red: Blonde hair, brown skin, red shirt, blue shorts, red bandages

Green: Black hair, brown skin, green shirt, white shorts, green bandages

Pink: Brown hair, white skin, pink shirt, yellow shorts, pink bandages



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