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Age 19
Gender Male
Species Human
Burst Monolith Armor
Stage TBD
Title Wielder of Destiny
Availability Starter


- Senjio

Senjio is a Fighter in Burst Champions.


Senjio is a thin teenage boy. He has short, dark blonde hair with a thin black headband tied into it. His clothes consist of an opened green coat with a blue shirt underneath. The Monolith Scarf rests on his shoulders, and is a dark black color. He also wears beige khaki pants and grey gloves.


Ever since Senjio was born, he was destined to be a legendary hero because he is an ancestor of Monolith, a man who put an end to a large mysterious conflict that happened 1000 years ago. Monolith's spirit has lived on after his passing through a scarf Senjio's girlfriend made for his 18th birthday.

Senjio is a pacifist by nature, but during desperate times he will fight until the end. He is a very timid yet focused and dilligent boy who's main goal is to master the Monolith Scarf and fufil his destiny as a legendary hero of the Monolith Bloodline.

Monolith is more direct and all-knowing than Senjio. He acts as Senjio's mentor while they are in their own universe and during the events of Story Mode in Burst Champions. Though his body is now gone and he is reduced to only a scarf, Monolith still has unbelievable abilities. The Monolith Scarf can fight on its own and transform into other objects such as a sword and a pair of gauntlets.

Attributes and Moveset



Type Name Description
Standard Attack
Dash Att.
High Att.
Low Att.
Neutral Aerial
Side Air
Down Air
Up Air
Neutral Special Monolith Glove
Side Spec. Monolith Sword
Up Spec. Monolith Propeller
Down Spec.
Grab Monolith Hand The Monolith Scarf turns into a giant hand to grab the enemy.
Burst Monolith Armor
Taunt N/A


Attack rating: ★★☆

Defense rating: ★★☆

Speed rating: ★★☆

Weight class: Medium

Size class: Medium


Default: Green jacket, dark red scarf, dark blonde hair, beige shorts, green bandana

Red: Red jacket, green scarf, blonde hair, black shorts, white bandana

Blue: Purple jacket, blue scarf, black skin, black hair, white shorts, blue bandana

White: White jacket, black scarf, white hair, red shorts, orange bandana

Shirtless: Same as default except Senjio does not wear a shirt, missing his bandana, and has sunglasses



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