Birds of a Feather
Age 7
Gender Female
Species Chicken
Stage TBD
Availability Unlockable


- Skyla

Skyla is a Fighter in Burst Champions.





Attributes and Moveset

Skyla cannot use her Burst until an egg has been laid.

Type Name Description
Standard Attack
Dash Att.
Up Att.
Duck Att.
Neutral Aerial
Side Air
Down Air
Up Air
Base Special Beckon Skyla calls her hatchling/egg, causing it to hurry to her side.
Side Spec. Lunging Peck Skyla's hatchling lunges towards a nearby opponent, pecking them.
Egg Toss Skyla (without thinking) tosses her egg at the opponent, damaging it.
Up Spec. Flew-the-Coop Sky flaps her wings, able to flutter in the air for a time. If an egg or hatchling is nearby, they will hop on her back to be safely carried; this, however, causes Skyla to tire out quicker.
Down Spec.
Skill Roost Skyla sets a nest, sitting on an egg to speed up the hatching process, or laying an egg if there is none.
Grab Skyla grabs hold of the foe.
Pummel Peck Skyla pecks the opponent. If the egg has hatched, the hatchling will peck as well, doing more damage.
Burst Parental Bond Skyla and her hatchling gang up on the opponent, trapping them and performing a tag-team attack.
Motherly Love Skyla nuzzles her egg, causing it to instantly hatch.
Taunt N/A





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