Spacial Spectacle
Home to Eden
Hazard Rating TBD
Size Varies
Availability Starter


Spacial Spectacle is Eden's home stage. This stage is the only one to completely change layout while the battle goes on. At the beginning of every match, the stage starts inside Eden's ship, a relatively small stage. After about twenty seconds, a flash fills the screen and the stage changes to a random planet. There are multiple different layouts that all appear at complete random. One planet, for example, is completely covered in flames and players must avoid sudden fires from starting on the stage. Another example is a large city populated by many alien races walking in the background, and the buildings can be climbed on, taking the fight to the rooftops. There are a total of 4 planets to explore, plus a space fleet battleground in space, and Eden's ship, bringing the total to 6 different stages in one.