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Age 33
Gender Male
Species Human
Stage TBD
Availability Unlockable



Ulysses is a Fighter in Burst Champions.




Type Name Description
Combo Piston Punch The mech's arms jut out in repeated jabs.
Dash Physical Iron Tackle Rams with its elbow and falls to the ground.
Up Physical TBD TBD
Air Phys. TBD TBD
Duck Phys. Knuckle Slam Puts both fists together and slams the ground.
Base Special Mortar The arm transforms into a cannon and fires a mortar shot.
Direction Spec. Pneumatic Strike The arm transforms into a steam-propelled hammer. This move can be charged, and, when released, will cause the mech to recklessely whirl around the hammer.
Air Spec. Wrench Ulysses tosses a wrench.
Up Spec. Steam Blast A burst of steam that propels Ulysses upward and pushes foes away.
Duck Spec. TBD TBD
A+B Tinker Ulysses is shown quickly climbing around his mech, reparing it This move slowly heal him, but keeps him stationary. When the buttons are released, he quickly return to his seat. If he is struck during repairs, he falls off and must return to mech.
Grab Hand A white-gloved hand extends out of the mech's chest.
Hit Hammer Ulysses leans out and hits with a hammer.
Throw Flick The hand flicks the foe away.
Heavy Fall Dive Bomb Curls into a cannonball position and slams down.
Burst Attack Barrage Ulysses's mech transforms into a turret and fires bombs skyward. The bombs come crashing back down all over the stage.